Hello and welcome to Skymartbw Shop-Ship Service for Ebay, Amazon and any other online store globally. Our Service is tailored to Batswana who would like to gain access to the incredible global online shopping experience for unique products that are not readily available in Botswana. In addition we wish to help our clients shop easily and hassle-free in a safe and secure environment and ship their products into Botswana.

Reasons to use our Service

1. Product is not available locally

Ever wanted to buy a certain product but found that the local shops do not have it in stock? Then Skymartbw’s Shop -Ship service is perfect for you. We will help you find the product you are looking for and fly it into Botswana for you. Terms and Conditions Apply

2. Product is very expensive locally

Sometimes you may find that local shops are charging a premium on certain products that are offered for much lower elsewhere, we will help you get that item at a much more affordable price. Terms and Conditions Apply

3. I am looking for unique items abroad

Bored of the same old shops and same old products? Then use our service to gain access to unique products. Terms and Conditions Apply

4. I have tried online shopping but i do not trust other websites

We will help you identify trustworthy websites from Scam websites to shop from. We will also bear any risk while shopping on other websites by offering  a 100% Money Back Guarantee if your goods purchased are not delivered. Terms and Conditions Apply.

5. I do not know how to shop on other websites

If you are not familiar on how to make a purchase online? Then come on over to our office and we will show you how. Terms and Conditions Apply

6. I do not know how to pay for the products on other websites

We can help you make a payment on an order on another website, on top of that we can help you ship your goods into Botswana.

7. The website doesn’t offer direct shipping to Botswana

If your products seller doesn’t ship to Botswana we will use our own overseas address to purchase your products for you and ship them to Botswana on your behalf.

How To Shop-Ship

 ebay and amazon order skymartbw


Ship-Shop Online Order Form

To initiate our service, please fill in the order form below. Please be sure to include the link of the product from the website you would like to purchase from.

Cost Breakdown

Please note that this is the breakdown of fees that have already been incorporated into the calculator above.

Fixed Currency Conversion From US Dollar 1 is to Botswana Pula 10

Processing Fee — $40 ( P380)

Commission — 10% of Purchase Price

Minimum Kilograms — 1Kg

Seller offers Shipping to Botswana  — $0 (P0) additional cost.

Seller does not offer Shipping to Botswana — $20/Kg (P195/Kg)

Customs (13% on average) and VAT (12%) — 25% of Purchase Price + Sellers Shipping (or invoice total from Seller)

Note: Some products may require more customs duty than other products. We will notify you if that is the case

Payment Methods

We accept any of the following Payment Methods


Skymartbw (Pty) Ltd
First National Bank Botswana,
Mall Branch, 283767

Credit Cards/Debit Cards – Offline via Speedpoint

We have a Speedpoint Machine in our office if you prefer to meet us first than placing the order online.

Online Banking

Online banking transfers are accepted from: , Barclays Bank, Bank Gaborone, Bank ABC, CIMB Bank, Capitol Bank, First National Bank Botswana, Maybank Berhad, Standard Chartered and Standbic Bank

Western Union/MoneyGram

SkymartBW (Pty) Ltd accepts payment through Western Union or MoneyGram service.

EWallet/Cell by Cell Payment – First National Bank Botswana

SkymartBW (Pty) Ltd accepts payment through ewallet service with the number 75578640.

Cheque Payment

SkymartBW (Pty) Ltd accepts payment through cheques.


SkymartBW (Pty) Ltd accepts payment on a cash basis.