• Heated Hair Treatment Steamer Cap


    Heated Hair Treatment Steamer Cap

    • Used with hair dryer for  home hair treatment & steaming
    • Promotes absorption of treatment agents quickly & easily.
    • Safe and convenient for home use,saloon perfect results
    • Eliminates the risk of electric baking oil burns
    • Material:Nylon
    • Colour:Silver
    • Lengthn:approx. 90cm
    • Weight:approx 57g
    • Package contents:Heated Hair Treatment Steamer Cap only (hair dryer not included)


    1)After Washing hair, evenly apply hair treatment /oil then wrap with a towel.

    2)Put the Hair Treatment Steamer Cap on and connect the hair dryer (as shown on the picture)

    3)Blow hot air into cap until all the treatment or baking oil is infused into the hair or until the desired treatment temperature is achieved





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