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    Reliable and fast. Got mine today(09/02/19) in francistown. Ordered and made payment yesterday around 9am. Thanks SKYMARTbw.great service, You guys are the best.

    Lfj Niel Avatar
    Lfj Niel

    2013 ~ Phone ☑

    2014 ~ Watch ☑

    2015 ~ Laptop: En route ☕

    2016 ~ *rubs hands together*

    Simba Mazhani Avatar
    Simba Mazhani

    Bought my phone Nov 2016 with the best service from skymart and the phone haven't given me a slightest bit of a problem.. looking forward to upgrade my phone soon soon with skymart

    Khumo Maretlwaneng Avatar
    Khumo Maretlwaneng

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