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The Art of Starting Small by Kenneth Mmipi Soft back

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About the Author

Kenneth Mmipi is a serial Motswana entreprenuer. His most prominet role is that of a co-founder and the managing director of Studio24 film n design, one of the leading Multimedia Companies in Botswana. He is also the co-owner and managing director of the property development company Starmed (Pty) Ltd, a motivational speaker and last but not least a commercial small stock farmer. As a culmination of leadership, goals, professional development and personal improvement principles himself, Mr. Kenneth Mmipi saw it fit to share with the world on how to use them to reach your potential. His challenges and successes in the pursuit of all his dreams are the inspiration behind this book. Kenneth has been an entrepreneur as long as anyone around him can remember. He has shown signs of greatness from a young age. At the age of 17 years, he started selling newspapers. That is where it all began. He has always been business orientated.


About the Book

Dreams begin as little light bulbs in our heads. Of the many ideas one has throughout their lives, there’s always that one that sticks. Regardless of all your efforts to move on past it, your brain keeps circling back to it creating a desire to pursue it. The levels at which you wish to operate will dictate to you the strategies and efforts you need to employ in order to fulfill that desire. These are the corner stones of this book. It is a masterful dissection of all the intricate paths one has to walk through to realise their dreams. It serves as both counselor and mentor to upcoming entrepreneurs. This book is a must read for every entrepreneur worth his salt. It stands out as one of the best entrepreneur’s handbooks to every come out of this beautiful country of ours. It should be every aspiring businessperson’s companion.

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