Western Digital RE4 WD1003FBYX 1TB Internal Hard Drive


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WD1003FBYX-01Y7B1 Western Digital 1TB 7200RPM SATA 3.0 Gbps 3.5 inch RE4 Hard Drive

Western Digital RE4 1TB 3.5-inch internal drives combine fast and efficient data processing with a massive storage capacity. This makes them ideal for video surveillance recording, servers, and any other data write-intensive applications. It has a buffer cache of 64MB at a rotational spindle speed of 7200RPM. With a SATA 3Gbps connectivity, it has an internal data transfer rate of 3Gbps from buffer to host. It has 138Mbps host transfer rate to and from the drive at an average data ready time of 18 seconds. Among its many features include IntelliSeek, which reduces noise, vibration, and power consumption. The drive also includes StableTrac, NoTouch ramp load technology, dual-processor capabilities, and a multi-axis shock sensor. This Western Digital RE4 1TB 3.5-inch internal hard disk device has massive capacities of up to 6TB to handle even the most demanding needs. It has been specifically designed to handle up to 550TB per year. This Serial ATA drive was designed to handle high-intensity applications and can deliver reliability as well as performance to any data center or enterprise environment. The 3.5-inch form factor is a standard size for storage hardware for desktop computers and other storage systems. The Western Digital RE4 1TB 3.5-inch SATA internal hard disk device has also been created with durability and reliability in mind. It has up to 1.4 million hours median time before failure and is capable of handling constant and very demanding environments. This WD1003FBYX model has a Power Dissipation of 5.90 Watts in idle mode. It has a Power Dissipation of 8.60 Watts in read/write mode. Its operating temperature ranges from 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The HDD features an average Acoustics Idle Mode of 28 dBA and an average Acoustics Seek Mode of 33 dBA. This quality WD1003FBYX hard drive has Enhanced RAFF technology. This feature also includes advanced electronics that monitor and correct linear and rotational vibration in real time. This means that you will get better performance in high vibration environments. This hard drive has a head positioning system with two actuators that improves positional accuracy over its data tracks. The main actuator offers coarse displacement that uses conventional electromagnetic actuator principles. The secondary actuator utilizes piezoelectric motion in order to fine tune the head positioning to a better degree of accuracy. These WD1003FBYX drives have a motor shaft that is secured at both ends in order to reduce system-induced vibration. It also helps to effectively stabilize the platters for accurate tracking during write and read operations. Built-in accessories make this drive even more responsive. With the Multi-Axis Shock Sensor, the subtlest shock events are detected and compensated for to protect the data. The RAID-Specific, Time-Limited Error Recovery feature prevents drive fallout caused by extended hard drive error-recovery processes. With the NoTouch feature, the recording head never needs to touch the disk media. This ensures significantly less wear to the recording head and media and ensures better drive protection in transit. This drive has passed an extended burn-in testing with thermal cycling in order to ensure reliable operation. Compatible with a MAC or PC, the form factor is 3.5 inches with a 300 Mbps transfer rate. The height of the device is 1.03 inches, the width is 4 inches and the depth is 5.79 inches, weighing 1.65 pounds. The WD 2TB RE4 SATA is ideal for servers, surveillance DVRs, RAIDs, and workstations that need to perform demanding and intensive storage tasks.

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Western Digital RE4 WD1003FBYX 1TB Internal Hard Drive