Rules and Regulations for Sky Sellers

Each and every Sky Seller that has agreed to setup their store should adhere to the following rules and regulations. We are working on a 3 point warning and expulsion system. On your third strike it is goodbye.

Rule 1

All products listed should constantly be updated especially regarding stock levels.  If a customer buys an item that is listed in stock, but the seller realises they have no stock, a warning will be issued.

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Rule 2

All products listed under your store should be legal within the constitution of Botswana.

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Rule 3

Honor your commitment to buy and sell.

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Rule 4

Maintain current account information.

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Rule 5

Attempts to divert transactions or buyers is prohibited

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Rule 6

Any attempt to manipulate ratings,feedback or reviews is prohibited.

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Rule 7

Multiple seller accounts are prohibited,if you have a legitimate business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception for this policy.

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Rule 8

All sellers should have a valid trading license

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Rule 9

All products should be brand new

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Rule 10

No counterfeit products allowed

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Rule 11

The product image should have a resolution size of (600×600)pixels

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Rule 12

The product image should have a plain white background and of high quality nature

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Rule 13

Do not place any product in a wrong category

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Rule 14

Do not place any contact numbers on banners, logos, product images or descriptions.

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Rule 15

Clearly state your selling, shipping and return policies

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Rule 16

If your selling privileges are removed ,you may not establish a new account

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Rule 17

Do not misrepresent yourself

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