Pricing Structure

Peak into the Skymart Seller Program Pricing Structure

Pricing structure when selling on Skymart

We make the fastest payments in the industry. For every sale you make, you get paid within the next 1-7 business days. You decide the price of your products and we charge you a small fee on the successful orders you make.


The amount credited to your bank account within 1-7 business days of delivery


The price set by you and paid by the buyer


8.5 Percentage of Selling Price

Pricing Structure

Here’s an easy example of the above calculation:

ItemPrice in Botswana Pula (BWP)
Selling Price (Decided by you)1000
Selling Commission (8.5%)85
Settlement Amount915

See how Skymart stacks up against setting up your own online store

Look at this comparison chart between Skymart Seller Free, Skymart Seller Premium and Setting up your own independent online store

Prices in Botswana Pula (BWP)

Seller Free

annual cost Zero

Free Setup

30 Minutes Setup Time

Free Training

First 10 Products Free

Add Unlimited Products by yourself

Zero Monthly Fees

Zero Joining Fees

Zero Hosting Fees

Zero Payment Gateway/Shopping Cart Fees

Zero Shipping Gateway Fees

Zero Marketing/Advertising Fees

8.5% Selling Fee

on your Own

annual cost P450,000

P50,000 – P1,000,000 Setup

6 months – 24 months Setup Time

No Training

Can Add Unlimited Products

P5000 or more  Monthly Fees

P2000 or more Joining Fees

P1500 /Month Hosting Fees

P35,000  Payment Gateway/Shopping Cart Fees

P10,000  Shipping Gateway Intergation Fees

P50,000 / Month Marketing/Design/ Advertising Fees

Zero Selling Fees

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