How to make an Order

Use this guide to walk you through the process making an order on Skymart

Step 1: Start by first exploring desired products online

Search for what you would like to buy and make a purchase by clicking “Add to Cart”

How To Order

Step 2: Click on Add to Cart

Once you have successfully added your products to cart. Go to the Cart page on the image below

How To Order

Step 3: Click Proceed to Checkout

Click on the button to go to checkout after you have reviewed that all items in cart are correct

How To Order

Step 4: Enter your Personal Details

Either log into an existing account, or enter your personal details and click


How To Order

Step 5: Select Preferred Shipping Option

Choose the preferred shipping option from list shown


How To Order

Step 6: Select Payment Method

Choose the preferred payment method and click place order. Then make a payment and await delivery


How To Order