Sky Lifestyle Rewards

Earn Sky Points off every Purchase and Redeem Discounts

Step 1: Start by first making purchases of products online

Search for what you would like to buy and make a purchase

Step 2: Earn Sky Points

Earn Sky Points upon successful purchase. Every 10 Pula spent earns you 1 Sky Point.

Step 3: Redeem Sky Points for discounts

You can redeem your accumulated Sky Points for a discount off your next purchase. Note each 10 Sky Points can be redeemed for 1 Pula discount.

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Best service and faster delivery...I am impressed!

Loloh Bugattigal Avatar
Loloh Bugattigal

positive review 5 Stars
Great services offered here and packages arrive well in time

Igobe Brian Chalebgwa Avatar
Igobe Brian Chalebgwa

wow great service...

Jane Masisi Avatar
Jane Masisi

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